Alive2Love Resident Missionaries!

Our First Resident Missionaries! Alive2Love has their very first two resident missionaries planted in Honduras!!! Alive2Love Ambassadors Lisa Bosnak (pictured left) from Orlando, FL and Lexi Moralez (pictured right) from Hubert, NC just recently relocated to San Pedro Sula, Honduras to live and minister there for one year! They are both teaching at Eagles Christian Academy, the

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Testimony Thursday: The Brazil Report!

What an OUTSTANDING trip our missionaries had over a two week, two-city adventure in the nation of Brazil!   This team, made of various individuals ranging from high school students to businessmen to retirees, made serious strides in the kingdom of God as they poured out LOVE on the Brazilian people.   The altars at [...] Continue reading »

It’s amazing going on these mission trips each year. People sometimes wonder if they are where God wants them to be in life. When I stood on the crusade grounds last year in The Dominican Republic I felt a feeling of absolute belonging. I knew that I was in the one place on the face of the earth where God wanted me to stand. I felt that feeling again in the nation of Honduras. I can’t even begin to describe what that feeling is like. Being in a place where thousands of people are there for the purpose of worshiping Jesus Christ is a joy unlike any other. A place where no thing or man can stand between you and God.

-Mark Zettek

Out of all the testimonies that I have through the last mission trip, I finally have one that I’d like to share: I went to Honduras with my girlfriend, Lindsey. When she told me that she wants to go with me to Honduras I was so happy that I couldn’t contain myself! As she went by faith and prayed for God to wreck her heart on this trip, God answered her prayer. It was awesome to see her grow just in that one week from the first day- she went from not knowing what to do to being so filled with the Holy Spirit that she was praying over everyone and healing people in Jesus’ name! Now she has the bug of missions and you guys will see her and I on the mission field together. I couldn’t ask God for a better partner to be with, expanding the Kingdom. Thank you Alive2Love!

-Dayle Neely

Missions Met With Faith!

Missions Report by Aliv2Love Missionary, Carrie Hardin Two years ago when the Holy Spirit moved my 13 year old son Will to tears hearing about Alive2Love’s mission to Honduras I knew he had a calling to missions.  This was reaffirmed at NC youth Conference last November when we saw Joseph Gordon speak.  When Doug came

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A Family in Missions: Honduras Report

Alive2Love Ambassador Kevin Raab shares about his family’s experience on our most recent trip to Honduras… It has been about four years since our family has been together on a mission trip but, unlike those three trips to Belize the focus this week was solely on soul winning. What did our God do in this

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Their Eyes Tell the Story

Missionary Report by A2L Ambassador Marisa Peterson I’ve been a missionary off and on for years and I’ve always known that God was calling me to the nations. After meeting so many precious people in the different villages and experiencing God’s miracles, healing, and so many salvations, I know I must go back! Now that I’ve seen

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Missionary Report: Living My Missions Dream

Missions Report by Alive2Love Ambassador Arloa Butler This was my fourth trip with Alive2love, and my third trip to Honduras. Each year God does something new in me. The first year I experienced His power flowing through me through obedience and humility. The next trip I experienced His provision, my trip was paid for in

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