missionaries sent 1,328
School of Missions Students 536
Lives Changed 532,659
Food Distributed 144.1 tons


We are people on fire with the power and purpose of God in our hearts. We come from all walks of life and have different gifts and abilities– but all of us represent God’s desire to transform lives and the world through love. If you feel something tugging at your heart, if you wonder if miracles are still possible, we promise you that God is active in the here and now. We invite you to experience Him in person on our next mission.

Why we Exist

We exist to show the love of God by providing humanitarian aid, and to share the love of God by proclaiming and demonstrating His Word. At a fundamental level, we exist as part of God’s plan. Alive2Love helps many people awaken to the call God has given them for the nations. Others come already knowing their purpose. When we experience a mission or become involved in a project, we are no longer just believers. We become participants and partakers of the Great Commission.

Why We're Different

We are a unified group of believers patterned after first century churches. With one heart and mind, we come together in prayer, worship, and ministry, and we bring hope to those who are hopeless. We witness the power of God displayed through miracles, signs and wonders that are happening today in the hearts of those who are hungry, in the spirits of those who are thirsty, in the minds and bodies of those who are broken. We leave behind our day-to-day routines and pour out what God has poured into us.

What we Do

As an organization, we travel anywhere in the world where God calls us to go to. We meet any humanitarian need, whether for food, clean water, medical care, education, or simple compassion. We work with church groups and other organizations that share our passion to bring God’s love to the ends of the earth. As individuals, we have varied gifts and abilities, and everyone is involved. There are no spectators on the mission field. God can and will use all willing hands and hearts.

Become Involved

Go on a Mission

We invite You to come and be an expression of God’s love. Come and experience for yourself what He is doing in the nations. Join us and allow His presence and purpose to flood your heart. We go on short-term mission trips to Central and South America throughout the year and other nations as God calls us. There is a place for you! Learn More

Be a Sponsor

If you are in a season where you are unable to “go,” but you long to see God’s desire fulfilled in the nations, you can still be an integral part of the team through sponsorship. As a sponsor, you can provide financial support for humanitarian projects, education, crusades or individual missionaries. There is much that can and needs to be done, and you can make a significant difference. Donate Now


Join us on the mission field. Apply for a short-term mission trip.