Our First Resident Missionaries!

Alive2Love has their very first two resident missionaries planted in Honduras!!!

Alive2Love Ambassadors Lisa Bosnak (pictured left) from Orlando, FL and Lexi Moralez (pictured right) from Hubert, NC just recently relocated to San Pedro Sula, Honduras to live and minister there for one year!

They are both teaching at Eagles Christian Academy, the private, bilingual school that we have worked with for many years- and which many of you support by sponsoring the students who attend!

In addition to working at the school, Lisa and Lexi are working in the slum communities helping to implement our Miriam’s Basket Project and to minister to the women and children there consistently.

In the short time they have been there, they have already ministered in Pastor Dennis’ church, worked out in the villages, began teaching at the school, launched a youth group, and have been praying for the sick in the hospital!

Here is one of the testimonies she shared:

When I first got to Honduras Pastor Dennis had me go and pray for one of their family members who had cancer. He was in the hospital to have surgery. They said that the cancer spread to his organs and that his prognosis was very bad. They were going to have to do surgery to remove the cancer filled organs. So I prayed for him. I layed hands on him and prayed the Word of God over him and tonight I just found out that he is cancer free! The cancer is completely gone!!! God is so awesome!
This is the start of great things to come for these trail-blazing Alive2Love Missionaries!
Keep them in your prayers as they BRING THE CURE to Honduras each and every day!

We are Alive2Love!