A God of NO Limits!

The following is a testimony from second-time Alive2Love Missionary: Tanya Zettek

Our God is so  amazing and always full of new and wonderful blessings in how he continues to  enrich our lives. This mission to Honduras was my second one out of the United  States. God has shown me that we must always continue to be open to enlarge our  territory even if we have His joy right where we are standing. The Holy Spirit  always has more for us and he always fills us with more to give. We can never limit ourselves because we have a God who has no limits. This truly is our Father’s  world. Looking into the eyes of a child in the Dominican Republic or wrapping my  arms around an elderly Honduran woman makes me understand that in Christ we are truly a family who longs for their faithful Father to always supply what is  needed.

It is an honor to be a part of bringing in the end time harvest for  our King. Seeing the beauty and workmanship of every precious child that God has  created and being able to share the truth of the precious gift of salvation is  beyond the spoken word. I believe it can only be truly expressed when my hands  are lifted high and I worship my God with every part of my being. When deep  cries out to deep, then is when my gratitude can begin to be expressed. Lead me on Lord……let me hear and obey. Continue what you have begun and continue to  show me your way.

I will end by expressing my gratitude and love to my wonderful friends Doug and Janet and their family who have been obedient to  follow the leading of the Holy Spirit, and to my brothers and sisters who have  walked right beside me on the mission field. It is an honor to have carried the  message of salvation with you.
By: Tanya Zettek


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