As a missionary with Alive2Love, this past trip was my 7th trip.  I never go with an expectation to receive something from God for myself. Rather, I am always asking God to work through me, for His glory, to move mountains, and open the hearts of the people in Honduras, and to receive whatever it is He has for them.



While there, I spent the week witnessing His healing power and love reach the people which is usually what I see. However, something different happened on this trip: The last crusade night, I was intently listening to Doug as he gave God’s message to the thousands of Hondurans on the field. Usually, God will give him a specific illness or disease, to which he will call out the people with this specific problem to be prayed over. He will lay hands on each one and allow the Holy Spirit to enter into them and heal them.  This particular night, he did it differently.  He was explaining to everyone, that the power of God was present.  In a few moments, he would begin to pray.  He wanted everyone there with any type of sickness or disease in their body to lay their own hand on that area, proceeding to assure them, that as he prayed, the fire of God would come on them and heal them.



I had been having excruciating shoulder pain, in my right shoulder for about 8-9 years from bone spurs which were present.  Prior to this trip, I had undergone physical therapy, which helped for a short period of time.  On January 7, 2017, I was scheduled to have surgery, to clean up the bone spurs.  As Doug started to pray, I put my left hand on my right shoulder.  I began asking God to heal my shoulder, reminding Him of the healings I saw throughout the week and believing Him to have the power to do the same for me.



Also, I was thanking Him for what he was about to do in healing me, how grateful I was that I would not have to miss a week of work, or be in a sling for a minimum of 2 weeks with limited use of my arm.  That night, I slept the entire night on my right side.  To this day, I have been pain free…Praise God!  The doctor confirmed, 2 weeks before my surgery, I was healed and the surgery was not needed!



I’m truly grateful to Doug and Alive2Love for always being obedient to their calling from God.  They continue to speak the words only God could give and share His love with so many.  As Doug always says, “let God do, what no man can take credit for”.  What an awesome God we serve!



Melony Tygart

Alive2Love Ambassador


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