What is the Miriam’s Basket Project?

The Miriam’s Basket Project is all about rescuing tomorrow’s deliverers. Founded by the late Janet Rowland, this project began in 2003 when she saw the incredible poverty in the slums of Central and South America.

Moses was rescued from destruction by being hidden in a basket by his sister Miriam and, consequently, was given a new chance at life and went on to become a deliverer to his own people. 

Janet firmly believed that we could create a “basket” through education, opportunity and better living conditions that would rescue those in abject poverty and those at risk in gang-infested, deplorable conditions . With this hand-up, they could break the cycle of poverty and become those who help their own people and nation!

 One of our first families to participate in the Miriam’s Basket Project is Cynthia and her brother Angel. They are cared for by their elderly grandparents and have lived in a gang-infested slum most of their lives. Since 2009 we have supported these children with local schooling and by helping them with their living expenses.

Now, in 2016, we have helped the family to relocate to a clean home in much safer living conditions where they have a new chance at life. The children are receiving quality, Christian education and they are excelling in every way. Cynthia is learning English and wants to finish school in the US.

This family is just the beginning! There are other families we are helping and plenty more who are waiting for a hand to help them UP, out of the pit they are in and give them an opportunity for a fresh start! This is what Miriam’s Basket is all about.

We ask you to be a part of these transformations.
Be a part of changing a generation from the inside out. Be a part of the CURE! Your monthly financial support opens doors for these children that offers hope…and we believe that those rescued today will become the rescuers of tomorrow!

Together, we are Alive2Love!