Amazing testimony from one of our new Alive2Love Missionaries:
“He called me out to re-position my heart and these people put a demand on the gifts inside of me that I didn’t know I had.  In the mornings, we are out in the ‘bordo’ or slums (they all look the same) to pass out food and to share the Good News of salvation.
A friend got a clip where we ministered to a woman who wasn’t ready to receive Jesus, but she asked us to pray for her mom who was diabetic and had a stroke. After we prayed for the mother, the Holy Spirit healed the old woman and she rose up to walk when we asked if she would like to try—something she hadn’t done in a while. Later, after we fed the people, we asked again who would like to give their life to Christ and the lady who didn’t receive Jesus raised her hand to receive Him!”
By Maniphone Sourivong


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