Raab Family

Missions Ambassadors
 Jacksonville, FL


 It is the cry of our heart to see the lost saved, the poor clothed and fed, and for every tribe, tongue and nation to know that JESUS CHRIST IS LORD. We want to see every knee bow and tongue confess that HE is Lord and Savior. We want to raise up and army of revivalists and to see His name lifted high. We want to be with like minded people whose hearts are like our hearts, which ultimately is HIS heart. We want to be in a community where there is unity. We want to be on a team that is like family and represents the body of Christ well.


The first time Carrie Raab heard about an Alive2Love missions trip in 2010, she just knew she had to go. Upon being there, she fell in love with the organization and began to get involved. Through the years she has taken various trips with Alive2Love, and currently the entire family has come aboard. As a family, they have an undeniable call for missions and have been leading by example as a family in missions!