Signs and wonders on the Copan Missionfield!

“This trip with Alive2Love was different from the start-from coming early to Honduras to help with team arrivals and meeting the radical group of Brazilians (our fellow missionaries) , to having our first ever School of Missions. By day two of the trip I was already amazed by what was going to happen! Every moment of this trip was special from start to finish. I LOVED the missions school (let’s do it again!). It was so cool to be poured into and filled up every morning by Pastor Doug and then we got to go out into the streets and pour into other people!! I loved  gaining more priceless memories with my Alive2Love family- and gaining new family members, but I have a testimony of a healing that I will never forget:

Our first day of village ministry was powerful-Our team was loaded up in the van ready to leave the village we had just spent the past few hours in. Brother Mike stuck his head in the van and said that there was one more person in the village that was asking for prayer. He said she was sick and he asked who felt the prompting of the Holy Spirit to go pray. I immediately jumped up and went with him to the house. When we got inside there was a young girl in her early 20s there with her mother. We were asked to pray for the girl who was sick and had very bad arthritis in her legs.


Brother Mike told me to get down in front of her and straighten her legs. When I did this, we realized her left leg was shorter than her right leg by a few inches and her knee was very swollen. I placed one hand on her feet and one on her knee and we began to pray. I closed my eyes and just trusted God. When I opened my eyes I looked at her legs and they were THE SAME LENGTH! Her leg grew right in front of us by the Spirit of God! 

That was a tangible, visible miracle that God allowed me to witness. It was incredible. I’m still in awe of that moment, our God, and the Alive2Love family. When is the next trip!?”

Testimony shared by Alive2Love Teen Ambassador, Brianna Pollock


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