Powerful Testimony from NEW Alive2Love Missionary, Lindsey Fernandes on her first mission trip to Honduras:

It is hard to put into words how much this mission trip has changed me. However, it is easy to say that I am forever changed by it. God was there this whole trip guiding me, showing me, and touching me. I saw God work non-stop doing miraculous miracles all week for the people in Honduras and through the Alive2Love team. It was amazing to see how hungry the people in Honduras are for God and how they ONLY and ENDLESSLY call out to Him! I only pray America can be a nation that is more hungry for God instead of when the next iPhone comes out.

All I can say it has been such an honor to be one of God’s many vessels throughout the nation of Honduras. It feels likeI have done more living in that one week than an entire year. I am forever touched and humbled by this experience. Thank you God for all the wonderful people and friends I met through the Alive2Love team and the wonderful nation of Honduras. My heart is with you all in Honduras and I am forever blessed and changed from this experience. Praise God!!


-My Life is Forever Changed!