Missions: Finding My Calling

Every trip is different…

The first trip I took to Honduras with Alive2Love showed me the power of Holy Spirit in signs, miracles,  and wonders; the second trip showed me all about the love of Christ. And this trip showed me about sacrifice in every aspect and what I am really called to do:  MISSIONS.

Ever since I accepted Christ into my heart, I’ve been wanting to preach, dedicate babies, and baptize people. I thought my calling was youth because that’s where I started off. When I went to Honduras on my first trip back in 2012 and I baptized the kids in my youth group and then here again in Honduras I was asked to lead and preach. Everything I ever wanted was revealed full circle here in Honduras! One day as we ministered in a village, a lady asked me to dedicate her daughter to the Lord. As I thought of God, I begin to hear Him say, “This is My world; I created it for you to do My will for your life.  Here you stand lifting My child to Me and just think, I created everything and I created her and I created you and her name is Genesis.” My heart started racing; He created everything in the beginning and He created her and here I was dedicating her to Him! Everything in my heart that I desired had just came full circle, and not in my youth ministry, but in the mission field.

God, I got it for action I know where I belong and I will obey. My heart changes every trip. I never had someone (my husband)  understand what my heart really felt and I prayed for the day he would be able to come with me and he came on this trip and we had the opportunity to experience it all together.  We cried together,  laughed together,  sat quietly together and understood together all because God chose us. We had a divine purpose for this trip and God made it happen. I was changed in 2012 and 3 trips later I’m still not the same! I grow with every trip. Words cannot convey what happens on these trips. You just have to come and witness it for yourself!

Cynita Strickland, North Carolina


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