So much as already taken place down in Brazil with the Alive2Love Missions team! This multi-national team of Americans, Brazilians, and Finnish have bonded together to pour love and ignite revival in a hungry community!

The team has ministered alongside Doug every night since they arrived, challenging hearts and lives to go higher, to yield further, and to burn brighter for Jesus! Revival is confronting the churches!

Two days ago, the team ministered in one of the largest favelas (aka slums) in all of the Central & South America called “Jardim Tropical”. The teams gave humanitarian aid, shared the Gospel house to house and prayer for the people. Last┬ánight they had a small outdoor crusade in this location and many were saved, set free, healed, and delivered!

Here is a glimpse of what has taken place in just the first 4 days of this mission:

– Nearly 1,800 people have come to altars, being born again and/or rededicating their hearts to Jesus!

– The team delivered muliple hundred of pounds of humanitarian aid to the poorest in the community.

– Alive2Love Missions is co-laboring with the local churches and pastors (many of their congregation members are joining the team on the evangelism outreaches!).

– The leaders of the local churches are being personally encouraged, edified, and built up as the Body of Christ and every participator is receiving an impartation of the missions heart of God!

There are still 5 more days of supernatural ministry ahead and a greater harvest is sure to come! Will you keep our Missions Team in your prayers? Will you sow into the outreach endeavors taking place? Click here to sow your seed.

We believe that great things are yet to be done over the next few days in Brazil- key things that will impact future ministry in Brazil and thousands of lives for eternity!

Together we are Alive2Love!