No words can do justice to what we have experienced in Honduras over the past 10 days. We have been a part of something so eternal, something so precious, so holy. It is as if God has allowed us to feel His deep love for the lost and we have repeatedly witness the glorious connection that takes place when souls are reunited back to Father! WOW!
Our team of 52 missionaries from the US, Brazil, Germany, and Norway spent their days in the “uttermost parts of the earth” as they ventured from village to village in the mountainous region of Copan. With your support and the team’s efforts, here is what took place:

– 1,000 bags of food were delivered- feeding over 5,000 people
– 1,354 individuals prayed to receive Jesus as Lord and Savior in th villags
– 10,000 souls were gloriously saved during the 2 night community crusade
– hundreds of miracles took place such as blind eyes opening, cancers were healed, the oppressed were set free, and many restored to the joy of their salvation!

Additionally, our team participated in our first ever Missions Training School where they received hours of Missions Training and impartation that they were able to implement on the field immediately! Even though this trip is over, the fruit will continue to produce for many years to come, both in the lives of the locals that were impact and in the team that will surely never be the same again!

Thank you for being a part of this eternal adventure!
Together, we are Alive2Love!


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