Rodriguez Family

Mother: Nerlin Editza Rodriguez Age: 29 Years Old Kids: Bryan 11 (2nd grade), Carolina 10 (1st grade), Cinthia 8 (1st grade), Josue 5 About the Family: The Rodriguez kids are very active in the Kids Learning Class. They have been working very hard at a steady pace in class. Bryan is 11 and only in

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Murcia Family

Mother: Ilda García Age: 22 Years Old Kids: Milton Omar Murcia (7) About the Family: Ilda is a young lady who has been involved with our work since we started visiting the Bordo. She is currently involved in the Adult Learning Class, and improving her knowledge in reading, writing and math. Her husband works with

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Guerra Family

Mother: Denia Age:22 Years Old Kids: Sara 6 (1st grade), Dailyn 4, and she is also pregnant About the Family: The father works as a guard for a company in downtown, but makes so little that Sara hasn’t been able to go to school. She´s so excited about all the work being done with the

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Gonzalez Family

Grandmother: Dominga Gonzales Kids: Leticia Gonzales 11 (4th Grade) About the Family: Dominga is the Pastor of the Church where we meet twice a week and also is our contact at the Bordo. She is a noticeable leader in the community and she has made it easy to be able to touch many lives in

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Avalos Family

Mother: Reina Avalos Age: 45 years old Kids: Glenda 11, Danny 9 About the Family: When we started the Kids Learning Class, Glenda was one of the first ones to get involved. Being one of the older kids coming to the classes, she’s become one of Lindsay’s assistants in the class. She is always helping

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Rivera Family

Mother: Mercedes Rivera Age: 28 years old Kids: Jose Alfredo 5, Brandon 3 About the Family: Mercedes is a lady that has been faithful and very connected with everything that Alive2Love has always done.  She sells candy and chips to support herself when she’s not working as a maid. Jose Alfredo started school this year

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Vasquez Family

Mother: Marily Vasquez Age: 27 years old Kids: Luis 6, Paola 3 About the Family: Marily, a single mother of two kids, has always been involved with the work that we do. She is currently in the Adults Learning Classes, where she is now learning how to read and write. At the same time, Luis

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Maneles Family

Mother: Martha Maneles Age: 48 years old Kids: Yahaira (10), and the Twin Sisters (Kayla, Jackeline) 6 years old About the Family: Martha is a widow who supports her family by cooking corn on a cob and selling it in the streets. She is barely making enough money to sustain the house. Her 3 kids

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Juticalpa, Honduras


Photos from: Juticalpa, Honduras | June 2011