I had a breakthrough in the area of soul winning recently.  For months now I’ve been noticing when I would pray for certain people I would feel a blockage.  Like something just isn’t right.  I’d ask the person. “Do you need prayer for something?”  And they would look at me funny and say “No.”  I’d scratch my head and ask the Lord “What the heck was that all about?”  Well, the bible does say “But the Advocate, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, will teach you all things and will remind you of everything I have said to you.”  Maybe I’m a slow learner bc it’s taken me eight years to figure this out but better late than never.

So I get out of church on Wednesday.  I’m in the bathroom at Chic-fil-a and this worker came in to take a breather.  I asked her if she knew God loved her and like all the religious people in Virginia Beach she smiled real big and said “Oh yes!!”  So I asked her a few questions and just began to pray for her.  I knew she wasn’t saved, by the Spirit, so I led her through the prayer.  Then I got that feeling again.  I was trying to flow but I could not proceed.  I quit praying and asked her  “Do you need prayer for anything?”  “No.”  So I just went back into praying for her and I’m like “In the name of Jesus I break this thing off you right now and I command it to go!”  I shocked myself so much that at the same moment a lady walked in the bathroom and saw what was going on and began to turn around just as quickly as she came in.  The worker was like “OH my gosh I needed that I feel so much better.”  The way she looked was just incredible.  It was like how someone would look after being in the desert and giving them a glass of water.  It was so cool!  I feel so thankful to now know what that feeling is and what I’ve been empowered by jesus to do for the captives- SET EM FREE!!

-Soulwinning Breakthrough

A2L Testimony: Maria’s Story!

Click this link to view the E-news version of this blog post: http://eepurl.com/TXF8L MEET MARIA: She is a student at Eagles Academy in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. Maria has been given a special gift most children in Honduras are not fortunate enough to have: an education.  She is in fourth grade and has been a

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Viagem Missionária: República Dominicana

[divider_clear] [blockquote]Junte-se a nós nesta viagem que traz mudança de vida enquanto nós levamos nossas equipes do Alive2Love às muitas vilas e cidades de Higuey para administrar comida muito necessária, roupas e brinquedos. [/blockquote] [button link=”/missions/mission-trip-application/” target=””]Click Here to Join Us on this Trip[/button]

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Patrocinadores das escolas

Quando: ATUALMENTE Quem: As crianças de San Pedro Sula Onde: San Pedro Sula, Honduras O quê: O Alive2Love suporta muitas crianças em uma das melhores escolas cristãs em Honduras. Muitas crianças que nem sequer têm a chance de qualquer tipo de educação estão agora recebendo educação privilegiada e a chance de uma vida melhor. [blockquote]Como

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Uma carta do Diretor

Alive 2 Love | San Pedro Sula, Honduras Dear Brothers: It’s a great privilege to address this letter to you, and tell you about what is the current situation with the poverty in Honduras, especially in the San Pedro Sula area. With The Alive 2 Love Project we plan to help provide better living conditions for

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Viagem do Alive2Love

Juticalpa, Honduras August 2010 • Dates: August 2-9, 2010 • Where: Juticalpa, Honduras • What: Mass Crusade Event, Humanitarian Aide Outreach & Evangelism, Church Ministry • Each traveler will participate in the above mentioned events, providing a hands-on experience to love and minister to the precious people of Honduras. • Expense: $1350 per person will

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