Spring Break Missions Trip Update!

Our Spring Break Missions Team is back fresh from the missionfield of Honduras! Here is an update of what took place as shared by Alive2Love Ambassador, Lisa Bosnak: “So, this march missions trip was incredible! Over 5 days, this group of 5 missionaries took it up a notch in San Pedro Sula, Honduras! There were

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Villa Nueva Honduras 2015 Trip

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CALLING ALL MISSIONARIES! It is TIME for MISSIONS! When was the last time you had your heart broken for people? When was the last time God used you to alter the course of someone’s eternal destiny? When was the last time you stepped out of your comfort zone into a new reality? Maybe it was

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Los Bordos Update

Many of you are aware of the situation that has been taking place in Los Bordos Community over the past few weeks: The Bordos is a slum community comprising over 4,000 individuals who have set up their homes along the outskirts of the city of San Pedro Sula Honduras…Their “homes” consist of items you would

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Copan 2013 Missions Trip


Photos from: Copan, Honduras

#TestimonyThursday: Miriam’s Basket Progress

#TestimonyThursday: Miriam’s Basket Progress Three weeks ago we share with you a special opportunity to contribute towards the Miriam’s Basket Project, an Alive2Love Project that has been close to Janet Rowland’s heart throughout the years. This is a project that endeavors to relocate families from abject poverty to stable living conditions with viable opportunities to work. 

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Is Missions in the Bible?

Is Missions in the Bible?  YES! Every page of that holy Book tells the story of the greatest Missionary of all! He left His eternal home to come rescue you and me with the Gospel; now it is our privilege to walk in His footsteps! Have you put missions on your calendar this year?  Join

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