A Family in Missions: Honduras Report

Alive2Love Ambassador Kevin Raab shares about his family’s experience on our most recent trip to Honduras…

It has been about four years since our family has been together on a mission trip but, unlike those three trips to Belize the focus this week was solely on soul winning. What did our God do in this week? The first day and the first hour on foot we ministered to an elderly lady that experienced God’s touch while we were praying for her and she fell to the ground (softly). What will God do next is what we were thinking?

Appointment #2 happened a couple of houses later after we asked Maria our local interpreter to take us to a home that does not know our King. With this next encounter alone, I can say the week was a success. There we found four women with a few children. We went inside and after chatting, we could see they had no real interest in listening but we continued to pursue further. The mom then broke down in tears and accepted Christ then meets the floor (keep in mind she had no idea what we prayed for since there was no interpretation during prayer). Her 16 year old daughter was next and she tried to fight it, but the love of God overcame her. Another girl about the same age followed suit and accepted Christ. Lastly the eldest in the home was consumed with this same love as well and did as the others. Wow! Not a bad start for the first day!
10487353_10203068851696140_6990601838841641018_nThere were other memories: like singing together at the hotel, handing out hundreds of flyers while yelling, “Esta noche, la grand crusada” in an effort to invite people to the crusade! We watched 24 young children in school all pray in unison to enter the kingdom; we saw the impact on first time missions-goers; we watched the passion in the local church and enjoyed a friend bring the Word in power at the Pastors’ Conference! To top it off, we attended two crusade nights and witnessed the power of prayer hold off the rainy weather for powerful times of ministry and salvation! Ministering side by side with my wife and watching how God used us to impact others was such a highlight. I know that there are lives forever changed by a God that loves His kids.
Thanks for all who served to expand His kingdom! Your reward is not only in heaven but in the hearts of those that walked the dirt roads with you.
Thanks Alive2Love for the organization and attention to detail for such a large group. Our family is grateful to everyone that has a heart for the lost and acted on that call. Until the next time we meet to share His love with the hurting and the lost, keep pursing more of Him so we can pour out into them!


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