First time Alive2Love Missionary, Jasmine Rush shares her experience from Quimistan, Honduras:
“Well I can honestly say that there is absolutely nothing like being in the presence of Almighty God all week.  He touched me in such a special way every day.  I was going out in the field to bless others and to be honest I did not know what to expect.  But God saw fit for me to meet a man named Doug who walks in the love of God and it emanates from him.  Through the opportunity to meet Doug I experienced the love of God in a real tangible way that I have not felt in all my years of being a believer in Jesus.  This same love that I encountered I was able to go out and share with others.  One of my very special moments on the trip was when I was able to share the gospel with three men who were smoking marijuana as we walked up.  The most wonderful thing about this encounter is that God saw fit to allow me to be the ones to talk to them and that they came to accept Christ as their Lord and savior.  This is definitely a favorite of mine because heaven rejoices with them as they are now written in the lambs book of life.
I experienced many other things on this trip, creating relationships, learning to yield more to the Holy Spirit and to not lean to my own understanding.  This trip was amazing in so many ways.  There are not enough words to describe the joy and impact that this trip had on my life.  When I came home to my beautiful family I began to cry because I missed the atmosphere of the family that God had put together on the missions field.
Alive2Love is a great organization.  If you are looking for a way of life and not just an experience you should definitely go on a missions trip with this group.  Your life will never be the same.  #takeitupanotch #comeonsomebody”
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